What Are Some Psychological Effects of Gynecomastia!

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August 5, 2019
Laser treatment for man boobs
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September 6, 2019

What Are Some Psychological Effects of Gynecomastia!

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Gynecomastia is condition occurring in men which causes the enlargement of male breasts. It is commonly known as ‘man boobs’ and it can affect men of all ages. It mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body i.e. testosterone and estrogen. In some cases known as ‘psuedo-gynecomastia’ the enlargement of breasts is not due to hormone imbalance but due to excess fat deposition.

It is usually seen in men after the age of 45 and teenagers. Almost 30-60% of teens get affected by it. Usually there is no need to gynecomastia treatment in teens as in 80% of cases it subsides by the age of 18.

But this condition affects men more in a psychological way than in a physical way. After all a man with enlarged breasts is not accepted by the society.

Psychological effects of ‘man boobs’

  • Teenagers and young men suffering from gynecomastia often get teased which greatly affects their state of mind.
  • It more or less makes them feel emasculated and they feel embarrassed in even discussing it.
  • It makes then have serious body image issues which may cause their withdrawal from peers and in some cases even depression.

What to do?

  • If you are a teenager suffering from this then be calm in most cases it’s just a phase.
  • If you are an older men then it is nothing serious but just a benign condition
  • There are various ways to get it treated.
  • Remember, it is NOT that big deal! And it does not define who you are.
  • If you know someone suffering from such a condition then help and support them instead of making fun of them.

Where to go for treatment?

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