Scarless Male Breast Reduction in Dwarka

Homeopathy medicine for gynecomastia
Homeopathy Medicine For Gynecomastia
July 26, 2018
best treatment for man boobs in Delhi
Best Treatment For Man Boobs in Delhi
October 1, 2018

Scarless Male Breast Reduction in Dwarka

Scarless male breast reduction in Dwarka

Changes in bodies occur in both males and females. You must have seen men who have enlarged breasts, no? It is becauses of certain hormonal changes in the body. Some have it due to exercises as well. But the one which occurs as the result of changes of hormones in body needs treatment, at times. Scarless male breast reduction in Dwarka is done by an eminent surgeon Dr. Ashish Bhanot who has done many treatments and solved the problems of men who develop boobs.

Gynecomastia treatment hospital in Dwarka, AUM Clinics, is a perfect solution for the patients who have been meaning to get treated to get rid of their boobs which have made them an object of ridicule in the society. Men go through a lot and endure a series of troubles and remarks from people owing to their swollen area of the chest. This results in the decline in the self confidence of men and makes them insecure. In order to do away with insecurities and the stigma associated with it, men swear by treatment.

Scarless male breast reduction in Dwarka at AUM Clinics

First things first. There is nothing cancerous about the condition called gynecomastia. It is an endocrine disorder in which the changes in the body of men are visible on the chest. The breasts get swollen and increase in size. Puberty plays an important role in our lives. When the body goes through a lot of changes, complete transformation occurs. In the process, a female hormone called estrogen gets released in excess in males. The androgen is a male hormone which gets released in men, primarily. However, estrogen is also released but not in excess. When such a situation arises, it makes the breasts appear voluminous.

Not only this, the symptoms can sometimes be serious and hence the condition needs to be treated. Some men do not have to undergo any treatment as it disappears on its own after a period of time. While others show signs like pain, swelling, discharge of milk from nipples, etc. Dr. Ashish Bhanot performs the treatment, i.e. scarless male breast reduction in Dwarka. The treatment leaves no scars on the chest of the patients and do not cause any pain.

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