Gynecomastia treatment without surgery
Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery
July 5, 2018
How to get rid of man boobs
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs
July 10, 2018

Man Boobs Operation Cost

Man boobs operation cost

No matter what a person is undergoing or suffering from, the total cost is what everybody thinks of. There are men who have enlarged breasts and suffer from an endocrine disorder. This is the condition which affects the lifestyle and physical and mental well being of person. Treatment is required for such condition if the symptoms prevail and do not disappear. With any treatment comes the cost and total expenses for the treatment. Man boobs operation cost depends on the condition of person and the treatment given by the doctor.

Men who have big breasts have a condition called gynecomastia. In this conditions, the size of the breasts enlarges, and the breasts become inflamed and swollen. The changes in hormones leads to the swelling of the male breast tissue. The female hormone estrogen releases in great about in such men than the male hormone testosterone. Though it usually vanishes after some time, if it doesn’t it requires treatment.

How much does man boobs operation cost?

People always look for the best treatment. Similarly, men who have been at the receiving end because of the embarrassment and ridicule they face on daily basis. The best treatment for man boobs in Dwarka is given at AUM Clinics by an experienced and well-qualified surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot who is a prominent doctor known for the surgeries he has done over the years.

Symptoms shown by the gynecomastia patients are swelling around breasts, pain in breasts, milky discharge from nipples, tenderness of breasts, etc. Medications are given by the doctor which treats the condition, however, surgery is done if nothing shows any impact. In order to know the man boobs operation cost and the details regarding the treatment, head to AUM Clinics and get the best treatment. Usually it costs around 50,000 Rs. but it varies from hospital to hospital. Also, the charges are different in various cities. The cost is, however, comparatively low than other hospitals and clinics at AUM Clinics.

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