Gynecomastia Treatment Hospital In Delhi

Gynecomastia Treatment Hospital in Delhi

in Delhi

The enlarged breasts of men is a condition which is called gynecomastia. Not that there are no breast glands in men, but they are small and invisible. When the size of the male breast tissue increases, men develop boobs. The men’s breasts look enlarged and swollen, owing to which they feel embarrassed. Some men cannot get out of their shell and lose their confidence which makes them stressed, at times. The gynecomastia treatment hospital in Delhi comes to the rescue for the patients of gynecomastia.

The fluctuation of hormones causes this endocrine disorder gynecomastia. One must see a doctor if pain and discomfort is caused by swollen breasts. It vanishes on its own at times, other times, it doesn’t. This is when treatment is required. Men are very conscious regarding their big breasts which they get worried and stressed about.  Gynecomastia treatment without surgery in Delhi is done at Aum Clinics by an renowned surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot., ayurvedic treatment is given at the clinic.

Gynecomastia Treatment Hospital

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The estrogens released in the body are more than androgens in men who suffer from gynecomastia. The amount of female hormone exceeds the amount of male hormone releases in the body. Some of the symptoms shown by the patients of gynecomastia are pain in breasts, swelling, redness, milky discharge from breast, irritation, discomfort, etc. Dr. Ashish Bhanot provides the best treatment at Aum Clinics which is the best gynecomastia treatment hospital in Delhi.

There are various ways in which the doctor treats his gynecomastia patients. Surgery is not done after the very first examination. The symptoms of the problem are analyzed in length, and then the treatment is given.Lifestyle changes are recommended to the patients. Also,  home remedies are suggested so that men can do away with this condition. Also

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