Enlargement of male breast tissue due to fluctuations in hormones is known as gynecomastia.
The increase in the female hormones (estrogens) in the body leads to the occurence of gynecomastia.

Grades Of Gynecomastia










One should consult the surgeon if one is undergoing the problem of enlargement of the breast tissue. However, one should go for it after 18 years. 

The fluctuation in hormones and the excess of females hormones during puberty leads to gynecomastia. If you are suffering from obesity, the testosterone converts into estrogen. 

Both are different. Gynecomastia is a non-cancerous disorder which increases the male breast. However, pseudogynecomastia looks like gynecomastia but is not one. The body fat gets accumulated on the chest which gives the impression of gynecomastia. 

First things first. Consult with the doctor and let yourself and the doctor know your condition. Ask yourself if the enlargement of breast bothers you physically or otherwise.

Ask a veteran doctor about your case and be practical and realistic. 

Talk to a few surgeons to have a detailed information on the treatment and surgery. Search on Internet and look for doctors with good experience and successful surgeries to his name. 

Laser treatment for gynecomastia -Laser Lipolysis

Gynecomastia is a non-cancerous condition in which the breast tissue swells. It is an endocrine system disorder in which levels of the female hormones produced in the body are more than the male hormones. The amount of estrogen is higher than testosterone in the males in this condition which leads to imbalance. This imbalance leads to the enlargement of male gland tissue which is also becomes a source of embarrassment and distress for people. Laser treatment for gynecomastia is done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot at Aum Clinics, Dwarka.


  • Amazing service! Wonderful team of doctors. Both pre and post treatment care is excellent.
    Amit Rajput
  • I went for my treatment of gynecomastia. I must say Dr. Bhanot is a wonderful doctor who looks after his patients with complete dedication and commitment.
    Ashish kumar
  • Was really nervous when I went for my treatment but Dr. Bhanot and his team of doctors made me feel confident. I didn’t feel jittery even at one pint of time.
    Rohit Singh


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